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Questions to Ask During Install

Asking questions during your roof installation helps you avoid some common problems:

  1. Who is the supervisor? Does he speak English*? What’s his cell phone number?
  2. What brand of shingles are we using?
  3. These are architectural shingles?
  4. How do they know what air pressure to use on the air compressor?
  5. Can you show me the drip edge?
  6. How many nails are they putting in each shingle?
  7. What products are they re-using on my roof?
  8. Have these guys done work for you before?
  9. Can you show me the difference between 25 year ridge caps and 50 year?
  10. What is the safest way for me to get into and out of my home during the install?

All of these questions may not be pertinent to your installation, but a few well placed questions lets your roofer know that you are paying attention! You can find more helpful information here on our blog. Check it out!

*The vast majority of shingle installation crews are comprised of men whose first language is Spanish. If you speak Spanish, this question is obviously less important.

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