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Roofers’ Success International (RSI), an international business best-practices organization on January 25th named KangaRoof owner Stacie Feller its newest board member of its Executive Advisory Board (EAB), and the first female to be elevated to the EAB in the organization’s over 10-year history.


“We were thrilled with the election of Stacie to our Executive Advisory Board,” commented RSI President Rebecca Cassel. “Along with her husband Scott, they’ve done an exceptional job growing their business the right way.  Feller’s KangaRoof epitomizes the ‘triple win’ company philosophy we teach our member contractors: the customer must win; employees must win, and if both occur, the company will surely win.” Ms. Cassel continued, “It’s no surprise that the business is thriving—and that our fellow RSI members chose Stacie to represent them. They are contractors that other members can look to as role models.”


As a part of the Executive Advisory Board, Feller will assist fellow member contractors in implementing RSI programs; offer members advice and suggestions for improving their businesses; and collaborate with RSI to develop new strategies and business best practices.


“This is a great honor for us,” Feller said.  “I’m looking forward to showing my fellow RSI members on how to improve their services and grow their businesses.  It’s possible to have ecstatic customers and have a profitable, growing business—that’s a fact that many contractors struggle to grasp.  By operating a financially successful company, you can be a better company for your customers by still being in business in the future when they need you again.  You’re able to provide them with industry-leading customer service and guarantees.”


Feller’s KangaRoof, based in Round Rock, Texas, has been a member of RSI since 2016 and has served Central Texas since 1992.  RSI is a business best-practices organization designed to help residential roofing contractors accelerate their success by delivering extraordinary customer service.  Only the top one percent of all residential roofing contractors in North America are invited to become a part of RSI. For more information on RSI, visit www.yourrsi.com.


For more information on Stacie Feller and KangaRoof, you can call (512) 388-ROOF or visit http://www.KangaRoofAustin.com.