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Though it feels like winter has lasted forever, the winter solstice was on December 21st, and it doesn’t officially spring until March 20th. Team USA’s winter Olympians are ready for the cold and snow, but we’re not all used to this kind of weather! This winter’s record-low temperatures and harsh conditions have caught central Texans by surprise! Next time an unexpected freeze hits, make sure you’re prepared. Here are three ways you can win gold this winter by preparing for an unexpected freeze!

  1. Turn on your heater BEFORE the temperature drops.

It is significantly harder for your heater to properly heat your home if you wait to start it until after temperatures drop below freezing. Turn your heater on before you think you need to, to make sure it can handle the added workload. If it smells like something is burning for a few minutes, don’t panic! Dust, pet hair, and other contaminants may have settled in your HVAC system. If the smell lasts more than 5 minutes, contact a professional. There may be a serious problem with your heater.

  1. Cover outdoor water pipes and faucets.

Whether you use proper insulation materials or an old rag and duct tape, covering your pipes for the entirety of winter is a good idea. This will ensure that water will continue to flow through your pipes with ease, and prevents the pipes from freezing or cracking – this could cause a problematic leak!

  1. Turn off and drain your sprinkler system.

If you live in a home with a sprinkler system, make sure it is turned off by turning off the main water valve to your sprinklers. When water freezes and expands, the plastic heads to your sprinklers often crack and/or break. Water can come shooting out of the system if this happens, which both wastes water and overwaters your grass/plants! This can be a costly repair, but it’s easily avoidable.

These simple tasks should help keep your home safe in freezing temperatures. If your roof has seen damage from this winter’s harsh condition, you can win gold by calling KangaRoof to get a jump on repairs!