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Your Choice of Roofing Companies Is Important!

  1. Avoid anyone willing to pay your deductible. This is insurance fraud (with very few exceptions) and is a felony for you and your roofer. And consider this, if he is willing to defraud your insurance company, how will he cheat you?
  2. Hire a company with extensive experience in insurance work. While a roofer cannot negotiate with the insurance company in Texas, we have tons of experience to share with you, so you know the right questions to ask so you don’t get taken by the Claims Department.
  3. Don’t hire a friend or family member who has “done some roofing before.” If this person has a roofing company that meets the profile below, then by all means hire them, but ONLY if they meet the profile!
  4. Walk through our complete list of how to hire a roofer and then review our list of questions to ask during install once you’ve hired your roofing company.

You can find more helpful information here on our blog. Check it out!

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