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Top 4 Ways Homeowners Get Cheated on Hail Claims

Every year, thousands of homeowners get taken advantage of when their home suffers wind and/or hail damage. Some claims don’t get paid, some claims get underpaid and often work that was supposed to get done is paid for, but not completed.

Let’s look at the top four people looking to get you:

  • You! That’s right, you can be your own worst enemy. There are three primary ways you can hurt yourself; they are:
  • Your Agent—Many times agents believe that customers only buy based on price. Newer agents are especially susceptible to this type of thinking. If they think this way, they remove all optional coverages (e.g. Code Compliance) to lower your monthly premium. This can cost you thousands of dollars during your claim if, for example, the code requires you to change all of the plywood on your roof, or hundreds of dollars if code requires new metal drip edge that isn’t covered under your policy.
  • The Claims Department—In recent years, the claims department of major insurance companies has become a profit center—they almost always issue estimates that are “missing” things that should be covered. If you let them get away with this, then they just made money off your project and you don’t receive complete indemnification.
  • Your Roofer—Finally, the answer you expected! Your choice of Roofing Company is important!

Following this advice won’t guarantee a perfect project, but it will greatly increase the odds that your project will go smoothly, you will receive full indemnification and you will experience increased home value as a result of the process. You can find more helpful information here on our blog. Check it out!