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Did you know Texas was the number one state for hail damage claims last year? If your home was damaged and you’ve never had to deal with insurance before, the idea of filing a claim can be overwhelming. Here are the steps to help you file a claim.


  1. Take Pictures and Gather Records
    If possible, immediately after the storm take pictures of any visible damage to your home such as missing or torn shingles, gutter damage, or outdoor air conditioning units with dented cooling fins. Take photos of the hail around your home as well, and note the time and day of the loss. You should also locate your homeowner’s insurance policy, making note of your deductible and policy number.


  1. Have Your Roof Inspected
    Before you file a claim, contact your roofer to see if you even need to. If there was large hail, or if other homes on your street have damage, chances are you will have damage. But if the hail was not big enough to cause damage, then going ahead with filing a claim can lead you to lose out on perks like vanishing deductibles and more. Many local, reputable companies, like KangaRoof, will provide an inspection and work with you if you do have enough damage to warrant filing a claim.
  1. Call Your Insurance Company
    Once you and your roofer have established that there is enough damage to file a claim, you will contact your insurance company. You should provide all the information you gathered in step one. Then they will send out an insurance adjuster. No matter what the insurance company or adjuster says, remember you are the customer. You can always choose the time that works best for you. Don’t be your own worst enemy when it comes to dealing with insurance, you can always stand up for yourself and know your rights.


  1. Have Your Roofer Meet Your Insurance Adjuster
    When your adjuster comes to inspect the roof, have your roofer meet him there. Insurance adjusters are not professional roofers and have hundreds of various claims they are balancing, so they may miss some damage. By having a professional, experienced roofer there they will make sure all the damage is seen and you will get what you deserve.


If you still have questions about insurance, we will be covering how to read and understand your policy in June. Get this information delivered straight to your inbox when you sign up for our newsletter, or you can contact KangaRoof with your questions today. We can answer any of your questions and help guide you from filing to the finished roof! Contact us today.