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Before you even have a roof inspection, you should learn the parts that make up a roofing system. This will help you be knowledgeable during any interaction with your roofer. Watch our video and read on below to learn more about some of the important parts of your roofing system.


Attic — This is the space under the roof, and it has to be ventilated to prevent excessive heat in the hot Texas summer or moisture generated by the house in the winter.

Decking — This is what closes and reinforces your home or building structure. It is usually made of plywood and provides a nail bed for the shingles.

Drip Edge — Molding that covers the edge of the roof and reduces the risk of water infiltration.

Fascia — Sometimes known as eaves edge or roof edge. It is all the boards running along the edge of the roof and can also support the gutters.

Flashing — Usually made of galvanized steel, plastic or aluminum, it prevents water flowing near roof openings from infiltrating the roof. It can be found in valleys, and at the bases of chimneys, roof and plumbing vents, and walls.

Ridge — The horizontal line at the top of the roof.

Roof Vents — Enclosed structures, usually made of metal or plastic, that have openings and fins to ensure the attic is properly ventilated.

Soffit — The material connecting the roof overhang and the side of the building. It can be vented to help with attic ventilation.

Valley — The “v-cut” angle where two slopes of a roof meet.