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Leaks are a homeowner’s worst nightmare! They can cause structural damage, mold, and cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fix. Read on to learn some of the common causes of a leaky roof and how to fix them.

Common Causes of Roof Leaks | Kanga Roof Austin

An older roof will have faced years of exposure to the sun and elements. This will weaken any roofing structure and lead to leaks. A roof nearing or over 20 years should probably be replaced to prevent any leaks. If you are unsure how old your roof is, it may be time for an inspection.

Clogged Gutters
Gutters that have debris built up will not drain properly. This could lead to water being forced to stay on the roof or under shingles. If you can see leaves sticking out of your roof, or there is little to no drainage during a rainstorm it is time to clean your gutters!

Flashing is used to create a water-resistant barrier. If it has been damaged, then water will be able to flow through. Over time, flashing can crack (go back to the first cause of leaks on this list!). If the flashing has been exposed, it is also more susceptible to damage.

Storm Damage
Many leaks are caused by storm damage that went unnoticed or untreated. Strong winds can cause shingles to be ripped away. Hail can cause dents and the loss of the protective granules leaving your roof vulnerable to leaks.

Preventing Roof Leaks
The best way to fix a leak is to make sure it doesn’t happen in the first place. Take preventative measures like regular gutter cleaning and annual roof inspections. A roof inspection every year or after every major storm will ensure that your roof is in good condition, and there’s no damage that could lead to a costly leak later!

If you haven’t had an inspection in the last year or have noticed leaks in your home, it’s time to contact KangaRoof today