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Did you know the roof makes up 40% of your home’s curb appeal? That means choosing the right color for your roof is important. Use these seven tips to help you choose a shingle color you will love!

How to Choose The Right Color for your Roof | Kanga Roof Austin

  1. Consider Your Climate

A roof’s shingle color can affect how hot or cool a home is, by as much as 20 to 40 degrees. Much like a black car traps heat, a roof with dark shingles will too. Living in central Texas a light-colored shingle will help reflect the sun’s rays and keep cooling costs down in the summer.

  1. Coordinate Your Roof Color to Your Home

Look at colors found elsewhere in your home for ideas! A dark roof will look good with a home that has gray or blue coloring. Tan, brown, or cream-colored homes will match well with brown colored shingles. More vibrant home colors like greens, reds, or yellows have much more flexibility in roof color choice.

  1. Do You Want to Make a Statement?

Before making a choice consider if you want your home to look more traditional. If so, consider the color of the other homes on your street. If you want your house to stand out (in a good way!) then feel free to choose a more unusual color choice, like green shingles!

  1. Think About the Neighborhood

If you have HOA or subdivision rules make sure to consult them before making a choice. Nothing is worse than putting on a new roof only to learn it violates your HOA rules and must be replaced.

  1. Acknowledge Architectural Style

Make sure you choose a roof that will complement the architectural style of a home. For instance, country-style homes commonly have red roofs. You can also use roof color to create an illusion. Dark colors tend to make a home look smaller and light colors will make it look bigger.

  1. Use a Virtual Reality Tool

Many shingle suppliers offer online tools that let you see what your hose would look like with a certain style and color roofing material on it. The GAF Virtual Home Remodeler allows you to mix and match shingles, trim, and even exterior materials before you decide. As a GAF Master Elite Contractor, we can provide the best service and warranties on any of the products you try in the Virtual Home Remodeler!

  1. Ask a Professional

At KangaRoof we install hundreds of roofs each year. We have seen dozens of home colors and styles, and every color and style of roofing material out there! We know what will look best on your home! When you ask us, we will provide our expert option to help you get the look you want.

Need help choosing the right color and roofing material for your roof? Contact KangaRoof Austin today!