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It looms over our head, but we often tend to forget that it needs our attention. Yes, we are talking about your house’s roof. While we keep on planning and implementing ways to make our home look better, the roof often gets overlooked. The roofs of our houses and other residential locations are subject to wear and tear like any other part of a property. The issues are caused mainly by daily exposure to various substances and harsh weather conditions. Here are the common problems that occur in the roofs that you should know about:


A roof’s shingles are there to protect from the harmful elements. They also play a role in the charm and beauty of the exterior. However, with time, discoloration and curling might occur in the shingles. If the shingles get damaged or fall off, the wood underneath may start to rot or become vulnerable to physical damage such as holes and breakages. As for the discoloration, you must take caution if you observe it as it points to another problem – leakages in your roofing system. As soon as you see uneven staining on your roof shingles, get professional roofers for immediate inspection and repair.


That’s what the band beneath the edge of your roof is called! It is typically constructed out of wooden boards or sheets of metal. The purpose of the fascia is to act as a protective layer between the outdoor elements and your roof’s edge so that your interior stays safe against weather damage. That’s not all, though. It also serves as a design element as it makes the roof’s edge look smooth and even. The fascia is consistently exposed to moisture; therefore, it is likely to rot or get damaged. It is advisable to check the condition of your fascia occasionally.


Flashings is the name given to a component of the roof that is used to cover the walls, edges, valleys, and any other gaps in the roofing systems. Gaps must be sealed as they might lead to leakages. Made from galvanized steel or aluminum, flashings are vulnerable to oxidation and weather-damage. If the flashings are in a poor state, you are at risk of getting water damage on your roof. Therefore, it is wise to be part of our Overhead Care Club.

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