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If you are a homeowner, the chances are that you are familiar with all the major signs of roof damage such as missing shingles or a visible hole. However, most people are unaware of the easy-to-miss signs of roof damage, which include the following:

1. Whistling or Whooshing Sounds

These point towards a small hole or gap which may not be easily visible. You are likely to hear such sounds on a windy day if your roof has these gaps. Get an inspection done by a roofing contractor; otherwise, if there is wind-driven rain, it could come inside through these gaps and cause the gaps to become larger.

2. Buckling Shingles

Also called curling or cupping, buckling refers to the aging process that roofs usually go through. It is likely to happen more often to older roofs, but it is not easy to spot from the ground. The wise thing to do is to get your roof regularly inspected so that you can detect buckling shingles on time and get ready for roof replacement accordingly.

3. Nails on the Ground

Have you spotted a few nails scattered over the ground, especially near your roof’s edges? They might have come off from the roof and may point towards loose or maybe even missing shingles. Falling nails may be a sign of mistakes in the installation or aging. This is one of the main reasons why you should always hire a roofing company that works with the security of quality and factory warranties.

4. Loose Granules in the Runoff

Have a look at your gutters or the runoff emerging from the downspouts. Did you find some loose granules? A few are normal, but if there are more, this indicates an issue with your shingles which could be due to aging or a manufacturing defect. Get your roofer to inspect your roof and check your roofing warranty to see if you can get any repairs.

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