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Roofs are not exactly an option. While most people want whatever is quick, easy, and maintenance-free, roofs come with the territory of living. Having a place to call home is a big responsibility, but it shouldn’t be a burden.

The good news is roof maintenance is easy. Maintaining roofs is a reflection of your relationship with your home. Making sure your roof’s on right ensures safety from the top-down—and what’s a home if you can’t feel safe in it?

Read on to learn about how roof care differs from your other dreaded house chores.

Roof Maintenance

Roofs are one of part of the home that gets the brunt of daily, seasonal wear. Like the human brain, roofs are the head of the household (sorry parents!). Since they shelter us round-the-clock, they need some attention in return.

Just like people, roofs need periodic check-ups and check-ins. We promise not to judge if you talk to your roof; in fact, we encourage it.

If you have roof symptoms, you’ve waited a bit too long to have a conversation. The best form of care is preventative care, which is exactly what maintenance is; to maintain or preserve something.

To prevent sagging roofs, broken and bent tiles, leaks, moss, mold, foundational issues, and weather damage, follow these roof care tips!

1. Clean Gutters Frequently

While roofs can seem like a separate entity from the house, they connect to the gutters and the greater drainage system. If your gutters are clogged, blockages can impact the water flow and derail the way roofs manage rainwater and adverse weather.

As is true for all things in life, if you let too much build, eventually the energy finds its way out—and it’s not always pretty.

No one needs a water explosion to help them learn this lesson.

2. Trim Surrounding Trees

Roofs need to breathe, too. Too many trees encroaching on their space is asking for a roof-tree debacle. Maintaining trees around your roof can save the home from broken, falling, and storm-struck debris.

3. Check Attic Insulation

An easy way to manage the outside of your home is by tending to the inside. If you have poor attic insulation, it’s possible your roof’s met its first stages of sickness. Luckily, catching it early makes for a likely recovery.

4. Supervise Your Shingles

If you have loose, missing or broken shingles, it’s a tell-tale sign that your roof’s been roughin’ it. If you think, Well, it’s only one or two shingles, no biggie, remember that everything is connected to a greater system.

5. Call the Roof Doctors

While these roof care tips can—and should—be done on your own, a roof care company specializes in roof sicknesses. Having a yearly check-up is standard, though your climate, weather, and type of roof can impact how often you inspect it.

Roof Care Gone Right

When people express gratitude, having a roof over their head is at the top of the list. The only thing that’s better is having a healthy one.

While many things have to be done around the house, we strive for roof maintenance to land in the want category. With shelter being crucial to our well-being, caring for your roof is an easy way to clear your own head.

Knowing how easy it is to maintain your roof makes for one happy household. Literally. Because roofs hold houses.

Contact us today to tell us how we can raise your roof experience!