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Christmas lights bring a certain joy and magic to everyone that sees them, and hanging up lights on buildings is even more majestic. But, you have to be extremely careful not to damage your roof in the midst of decorating.

With that said, take a look at these tips and tricks below to learn how to hang up Christmas lights safely:

Do an Inspection First

Before putting tons of lights and heavy decorations on the roof, get an inspection. Make sure there aren’t any hazards or weak areas on the roof that could easily become damaged. You want to verify that putting up the decorations won’t cause any incidents.

Safety first!

Use Lights Clips

For some, it may seem easier to attach the lights using nails. However, that isn’t the best way to do it. Using nails could create holes that lead to a leaky roof, which is something you don’t want. Instead, use plastic clips on areas where they fit. Use all-in-one clips, parrot clips, clay tile clips, or eave clips.

Also, avoid attaching the lights directly to the shingles. Sometimes you may have to secure the lights onto the shingles, but try not to do it over every section of the roof.  Shingles are the part of the roof that are easiest to damage. Stick the lights on other areas instead.

Lastly, do a test run with the clips. Some of them might lift the shingles and ruin the roof.

Use Safety Precautions

Safety is key when putting lights on your roof. Make sure that ladders are secure and that faulty wiring isn’t used. Doing so can lead to major issues. Also, be aware of the type of clothing and footwear you are wearing while on the roof.

Loose clothing could potentially snag on a clip and cause tears or damage to the roof. Furthermore, soft-soled tennis shoes should be worn while walking across the rooftop. Shoes with hard, thick tread ruin shingle easily.

Call in the Professionals

It’s a big undertaking, and you need a professional to take care of your roof before and after you put up the decorations. Doing so will ensure the safety of the roof and the entire house.

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