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There are few things more festive than having outside Christmas lights. Your roof is the prime location to showcase them and why your roof condition is so important.

The roof is the first line of defense protecting your family and home from the outside elements. Most will last a long time, but they do require regular maintenance.

Read on for helpful tips to keep your roof in top shape and looking great.

Roof Inspection

It is recommended to have a roof inspection done twice a year. The fall is a good time for one and will help identify any problems for the coming winter.

Making sure to notice any cracked or curling roof shingles. If not repaired, they will easily turn into leaks. Take note of any gaps or spaces in the vents.

A roof inspection is dangerous, so if you are not comfortable doing it yourself, ask for help from a professional. Not only do they have the right equipment, but they are also trained to know what to look for and will offer advice on any needed repairs.

Don’t Forget to Look Inside

Upon the roof is not the only place to check for problems. You should also take a look around inside.

If you have an attic, check for any signs of leaks. This will most likely be the first place they show up.

Then check all the ceilings for any signs of discoloration. This indicates a water leak as well. Sometimes the water runs down in between the walls and can even be seen there.

If you notice any of these water damage signs, make sure to contact your roofing specialist right away to find and repair the problem at the source.

Remove All Debris

The roof should be clear of all debris such as leaves and tree limbs. Not only will they create a distraction for your Christmas lights, but they can also damage your asphalt roof.

A build-up of debris will weaken the roofing material and eventually cause leaks. It is helpful to keep tree branches trimmed back away from the roof.

The gutters should be cleared of all leaves and other debris. This will keep them working properly and prevent a backup at the roofline. Gutter guards are a good idea to make this task easier.

Cleaning the Roof

Did you know you should shampoo your roof? Imagine how much brighter those lights will shine against a clean roof.

Moss and algae will stain your roof. This not only makes it look ugly, but it is also bad for the integrity of the roof. It is possible to eliminate those stains, and the risk, by having your roof cleaned.

Hanging Those Lights

It is not a good idea to walk on the metal roofing. In fact, you should be careful about walking around at all on any roof. So you should be prepared to safely hand your Christmas lights.

Gather your supplies, design the look, measure the area to be decorated, inspect the lights, and then dive into the holiday spirit!

Now Is the Time

With winter and the holidays around the corner, you want to make sure your roof is in good shape and free of leaks.

We are here to help with all your roofing needs. For more information on our services, read our reviews and let us know how we can assist you.